Turn a Regular Day Into a Thrill Ride

Explore new THC products in Shreveport, LA

There's a whole world of THC products to explore when you walk into King Vaperz. We sell premium wraps, cigars and delta-8 products, including gummies, cookies, cigarettes and flower. We'll help you get your hands on your favorite products when you come visit. Experience all we have to offer by coming out to the store in Shreveport, LA today.

Delta 8

-THC Delta 8 seltzers
-Delta 8 lemonades
-CBD Drinks
-Natural Hemp drinks
-Rice Krispies


-Sweet 9
-Space Gods
-Space Debris
-Crescent moon
-Bud Naked
-Magnolia Hemp


-Magnolia Hemp

Other Products

-Hempette Cigarettes
-Water mixes (Zero Gravity300Thc, Shield Thc800)
-Oil drops (Magnolia hemp, Pg Vg)
-Hemp Teas
-Hemp Lotions